How our students view studying at Ambis University?

"When you are little you often get asked what your dream occupation is. Back in my early school days, my peers usually answered that they dream of becoming an astronaut or a garbage man. I remember how shocked my teacher was when my answer to this question as a small kid was that I wish to become a big fish in the finance world

Well, my parents were also in awe when they heard of this decisive plan for my future. And yet, not much have changed ever since. This is the main reason why I chose to study Ambis. I still wish to make this originally amusing childhood dream become my adult world reality.

- Radek Holub, student of Finance at Ambis

"I especially value the real world knowledge of our professors. They base their teaching on their personal experience gained during their carreers, on current business world as they know it from their own companies. This is the utmost inspiring part of Ambis to me. "

- Markéta Nekolová, student of Business Economics and Management at Ambis

"Our school have many qualified teachers that are running their own businesses. This way their teaching is not only practical, but also very motivational. I believe that a state university is teaching you how to become a great employer while the privately-held university like Ambis is teaching you how to become a great enterpreneur. "

- Ludvík, student of Business Economics and Management at Ambis

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